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We're people first

Nano Center Research Institute is a strong community of faculty, researchers, teachers, post-docs, and staff, dedicated to our students and passionate about our research.

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Our family of professional researchers bring their experience and acumen together to manage the challenges and projects we take on. We’re always pushing ourselves and each other to try new things and think outside the box. Get to know the people of the Nano Center Research Institute — an unbelievable source of information and inspiration.

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Nurul Taufiqu Rochman.jpg
Alfian Noviyanto.jpg

Pipit Fitriani


M. Ikhlasul amal

Principal Investigator

Nurul Taufiqu R.


Alfian Noviyanto

Principal Investigator

wisnu ariadi.jpg
Etik Mardliyati.jpg
Mba Aning.jpg
Agus Sukarto.jpg

Wisnu Ariadi

Principle Investigator

Etik Mardliyati

Principal Investigator

Retno K.

Lab Manager

Agus Sukarto W.

Principle Investigator

People: Lab Members
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